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What You Will Need to Learn English
What You Will Need to Learn English
Are you thinking of learning English as a second language? If so, you are the right track to becoming bilingual, having better career, and better life prospects. Having the ability to speak multiple languages opens up so many
The Importance of Speaking Practice
Which one of these is the "Odd-One-Out"? Which one of these is different from the other three? The answer is speaking. The other three you can do alone, on your own, without anyone else. You can listen to the radio alone. You
English Assembly at Sekolah Alam Bintaro
Sekolah Alam Bintaro (Sabin) has recently staged an English assembly, which they call E-POM (English Performances). The assembly consisted of a number of entertaining performances by the Sabin teachers. The performances
English Essentials Consultation at Sinar Cendikia, Serpong
English Essentials is currently providing consultation services for Sinar Cendekia school, located in Serpong, South Tangerang.
Learn English the Fun Way
Who says learning English is no fun? The language is not to blame. Maybe you have not encountered the tips to a fun learning. Here are some tips we got for you!
I can’t speak English well so I hate conversation session, but thank you so much that Mr.Andri motivated me to more confidance in speaking English. We also need more help to teach English in our class. Thanks sir.
Teacher, Nurhijjah

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