English Essentials Consultation is a professional education service that involves communication and language experts who will provide English language expertise to a wide range of uses and needs.

At English Essentials Consultancy we concentrate on the needs of schools as educational institutions to improve the quality of their English curriculum and syllabus.

Offering guidelines to seekers of English language support services, we wish to help potential schools make sense of available English language services and choose language consultants wisely and meticulously.

Our team of consultants come from many different disciplines and backgrounds, raised in English speaking countries to offer a variety of strategies and approaches in creating quality English speaking atmosphere to schools in Indonesia. Language consultants combine several roles in a unique blend, and often specialize in a subject which have prior academic and work experience or professional interest.

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English Essentials believes in building and cherishing a strong bond and committed relationship with our clients by delivering high performance in all our range of language services. The needs of institutions may be widely different. Some may need English for a very limited set of skills whilst others may need to accommodate English language deliveries of a high level to meet expectations of international standards.

Through a selectable range of our programs, English Essentials  is committed in assisting businesses reach a commendable level of English proficiency needed in their respective businesses and lines of duty.

It is our pride to help raise the level of English application in companies and institutions. Through our training courses, intensive consultation as well as our range of other English services, companies will be able to progress to a higher level of English skill, with good motivation and confidence in competing within their ranks. 

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