English Essentials Education Consultancy

English Consultancy for aims to provide high quality education services that concentrates on the needs of schools as educational institutions to improve the quality of their English, both in and outside of the classroom.

 Offering guidelines to seekers of English language support services, we wish to help potential schools make sense of the available English language services and implement language program effectively.



“Tak kenal maka tak sayang” – Indonesia Proverb


More than just English classes

“We already have teachers from this and that English course”

This is a common response from a lot of schools when they are recommended about the services of English Essentials.

To this we reply:

We are NOT an English Course


We do MUCH MUCH MORE than just teach English.


The standard consultation service we provide include the following agendas:

 ü  Clear-Cut Textbooks & English Classroom Assistance

ü  Consultant visit  (1x/ week)

ü  Provide lesson teaching tools

ü  English tutorial (1-2x/month)

ü  Proofreading Report

ü  English Communication Training for teachers


ü  Additional programs (Add-ons)


The work of English Essentials is holistic. We develop English programs that integrate well with existing or upcoming school programs to ensure that English learning is embedded in the school agenda, and not only play a separate and isolated role in the form of classes for students or teachers.

We are committed to you and your school’s overall development.


That’s how we are different.



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