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Training is one of the biggest growth industries today. The need for trainers is so great that professionals are often requested to provide training within a corporate organisation. In todays high demand of quality services, many sectors of institutions have a serious commitment to train their employees. This lines up with the increasing growth of human resource development programs.

Given the immense significance of English in todays world, the mastery of the language has become a necessity and a pre-requisite for success in any profession and walk of life. For learners of the English language, English language skill serves a more urgent function, as it enhances and puts to practice their knowledge of the language hence uplifting ones standards of competence.

At English Essentials Training we firmly believe in learning by doing and as a result our courses are very practical and applicative. Our team of trainers is experienced and qualified language instructors who have taken formal education from credible Universities internationally as well as top rank universities in Indonesia.

English Essentials professionals also master an extensive knowledge of English as a Foreign Language. Through a selectable range of our English Essentials Training programs, we are committed in assisting our clients reach a commendable level of English proficiency needed in their respective lines of duty. We understand that each of our client is unique and therefore we pay great care and attention in ensuring that our trainings are well suited to the needs and requests of respective clients.

Training Program for English as Second Language (ESL)
• Active Basic English Training
• Active Intermediate English Training
• Active Advance English Training
• English for Business Training
• English for Customer Service Training
• English Writing Training
• English for Early Childhood Training

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