Sekolah Alam Bintaro
"We always try to have fun with ESL program. In this new part we find new challenges such as quite longer sentences, but I can see the students try to understand and actively participate in the daily ESL program, they are always very excited for the ESL student award. Thank you!"

Saiful Anwar
Sekolah Alam Bintaro
"Alhamdulillah I like the program ESL. My students enjoy for ESL program and they practice more English everyday with the program, thank you!"

Sekolah Alam Bintaro
"My students really enjoy ESL time with English Essentials and I want to learn more about ESL so I can teach better in class."

School Head Master, Eka Safitri
Sekolah Alam Bintaro
"I am happy to improve my English with fun learning and not make me depressed. I like the games (in English training) because it is more cheerful and make all the audiences involve. Maybe someday we can even watch movie together. Keep Spirit English Essentials!"

Teacher, Yuli Fatmawati
Sekolah Alam Bintaro
"I think this agenda about English essentials is good for us. I hope when we make conversation the consulting correct our conversation from the structure, grammar, etc. Because we can understand about our mistakes in English. Thanks."

Teacher, Irwan Royansyah
Sekolah Alam Bintaro
"So far so good. Thank you English Essentials. We can understand what we learn from your tutorial, then we can apply it all in the class with our beloved student."

Teacher, Nurhijjah
Sekolah Alam Bintaro
"I can’t speak English well so I hate conversation session, but thank you so much that Mr.Andri motivated me to more confidance in speaking English. We also need more help to teach English in our class. Thanks sir."

Teacher, Nanda
Sekolah Alam Bintaro
"In order to make me feel confident in entertaining my student. I wanna have some English songs that make student feel happy and want to know more about English. Because my students said that English is very difficult. Thank you."

Teacher, Husnul Chotimah Kurniasih
Sekolah Alam Bintaro
"I am so excited in learning English because I need to study more in it. In consulting and training, I feel I have to wait one week to meet with consultants again, it feels long time.Teacher need more time in consulting about problem of each class. More visits please English Essentials!"

Teacher, Siti Rohmah Meilasyari
Sekolah Alam Bintaro
"Terima kasih English Essentials. Saya ingin selalu dapat ilmu baru dari English Essentials consultant seperti yang dulu di awal. Ingin dapat coaching mengajar lebih aktif dan juga mendapat English training lagi ya."

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